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Return visits…

This weekend I made return visits to 2 of my favourite places that have been reviewed on Jin & Jase: The Wooden Whisk and Hu’s Inn.
I’ll let the photos do the talking…

Final Fantasy XV
Event Review

Final Fantasy XV – A Food Blogger’s Quest

They say “you eat with your eyes first”. This rings true especially when your inner food blogger comes out as you play Final Fantasy XV, or as I like to call it Final FanTASTY XV. (oh, yes!)


Salt & Pepper Calamari w. Chips, Salad and Chilli Tartare @ Quince Cafe Artarmon

Visited this cafe on several occasions and have not been disappointed once. Here is one of their lunch specials – only $16.90 for this massive plate of succulent calamari and crispy thick-cut chips.


Classic Pork Roll @ The Naughty Chef

I love at least one of these a week. It’s usually a toss up between the grilled pork and the classic. At only $6 in the CBD it’s a steal.


Hu’s Inn Taiwanese Cuisine, Chatswood

My inner Asian got the better of me here and I couldn’t let go of a good deal. For just under $10, I got the braised pork shaved noodles, a small plate of salt & pepper fried chicken, a side dish of sesame seaweed and a housemade ice green tea. My lunchtime companion today is Mama Jin, who ordered the adorably-named “silly noodle” with shredded pork and a side dish of silken tofu with century egg.


BBQ Smoken Ribs, Crows Nest

So we kinda planned our day around this, my best friend wouldn’t shut up about ribs ever since I purchased half a rack at a fair in Crows Nest about a month ago. An afternoon of drinking Canadian Club and listening to music was part of the process in getting our bodies ready for rib town. We opted to walk there possibly due to it forcing a walk back which we anticipated after this massive feast. Here’s what we had.

Moody Chef

The Moody Chef, St Leonards

Jin and I have been to The Moody Chef a handful of times, in fact, it’s where we had our first “breakfast date”. There is a lot to like on this massive menu and I’ve yet to be disappointed. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking on this one, I think somebody once said, “a picture is worth a thousand yums”.


LOT.1 Sydney Media Lunch

Today, I was privileged enough to attend a unique event thanks to Food Critics & Bloggers Australia (FCBA) and LOT.1 Sydney – LOT.1’s Summer Menu Tasting. It was a fantastic opportunity for executive chef Adam Swanson and head chef Ricardo Cavuoto to showcase their 2016/2017 summer menu, matching seven signature dishes with Italian wines. But let’s rewind back to the start when we first arrived at this beautiful venue.


The Wooden Whisk, St Leonards

It is one of life’s simple pleasures to sip on strong hot coffee whilst reading the paper. And this is exactly what I got to do for 10 minutes before Chuck Norris made its grand entrance.


Le Pub, Sydney CBD

I’ll be honest, I’m a little tipsy for a Thursday afternoon but it’s all for a good reason. It’s a celebration of the day before Friday and as we all know Friday is the International day of drinking. Almost as good as Saturday, anyway, where was I?


Royal Stacks, Chatswood

Royal Stacks opened up its first burger restaurant in the Melbourne CBD and it wasn’t long before our second store opened up in Brunswick. Our burgers have been carefully thought out and all of our ingredients work together in harmony to create a very satisfying burger experience.

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Burger Project, Macquarie

If you have ever visited the Jin & Jase Instagram page (and you absolutely should!), you will know how much I appreciate a good burger. It usually comes down to personal taste, but for me, I’ve always been more partial to the American-style cheeseburger with the soft smooth buns, a decent sized beef patty (cooked medium rare), melty intense cheese, pickles and not a whole lot else. I suppose this is why I just had to give Burger Project a go.


Escarpment Tapas Restaurant, Blackheath

Living and working in Sydney, sometimes you can’t help feel a little bit claustrophobic. So for the weekend, we decided to run away to the beautiful Blue Mountains.


Song Nhi Vietnamese Restaurant, St Leonards

Song Nhi, 56 Chandos St, St Leonards / Vietnamese cuisine Ordered: Prawns & pork crispy crepe, Special hot & spicy fried rice, Rare beef pho ($40 for two) We are…


Gourmet Destination: Japan

Is there a special place, be it a town, city or a country, that you just LOVE? You’ve been once and you simply cannot wait to go back. Or perhaps…


Bistro Hulu, Crows Nest

Bistro Hulu, 90 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest / comforting Chinese cuisine Ordered: dumplings, baos, pancakes and hot pot ($54 for two, no drinks) Specs: 1) Xiao Long Bao – 6pcs 2) Pan…


Mr. Bao, Sydney CBD

Mr. Bao, 56 York St Sydney / Quick dinner Ordered: Crackling Pork Belly Bao ($6) & Tempura Prawn Bao ($6) Specs: 1) Crackling, pork belly, signature hoisin sauce, lightly pickled cucumber & coriander 2)…


Curly Swirly Cocktail

Here at Jin & Jase HQ, we love creating classic cocktails and putting our spin on it. As classics go, you just can’t go past a good Gin & Tonic….


Ippudo, Macquarie

Ippudo Macquarie Park / Lunchtime rush Ordered: Akamaru Shinaji $16 with flavoured egg ($2 extra) Specs: original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso pastes and fragrant garlic oil. Served…


Gin w/ Mango + Chilli